Download Crossy Road for PC or Laptop (Windows 7/8/8.1 or Mac)

Crossy Road for PC or Laptop Download


Crossy road is an endless game in which you need to make as many as points as you can to make the high score. Crossy road was developed by the company Hipster Whale by Andy Sum, Matt hall and Ben Weatherall. Crossy road was released for apple iOS on 20 November 2014, on 18th December 2014 for amazon appstore and on 8th Jan 2015 for google play store. Therefore this game is available for platforms like Apple iOS and Android. It is not yet available for windows phones but soon will be launched on windows phones. Not much time has passed since the release of this game but this game is going popular day by day. A lot of people are downloading this fun game on their smart phones. The game is also not yet officially available for PC’s or Laptops but can be downloaded unofficially with the help of an android emulator. This article will teach you to download Crossy Road for PC or Laptop.

About Crossy Road

Crossy road was launched on 20 November 2014 and was developed by Hipster Whale by a group of three people Andy Sum, Matt Hall and Ben Weatherall. Crossy road is an endless game in which you need to cover as much distance as you can to make the high score. This game was inspired by games like Temple run, Temple Run 2, Subway surfer and many others. Crossy road is giving some serious competition to the other games featured in the same category as Crossy Road. And this all has happened within a few weeks of the launch. This game is being regarded as the next big game after Temple run series and subway surfer. Crossy road is growing insanely popular among a large group of people and just on google play was downloaded by more than 5 Million people in within 15 days of its release on google play.



The game play is very interesting and could be understood easily. Its graphics which give a retro look to the game are simply awesome. In this game you play a mascot which needs to cross the road and various other obstacles that fall in its way to make as much points as you can. You need to cross a lot of obstacles like cars, trains, rivers, trees and many others without getting hit and turn your mascot to the given direction at the correct time. You need to tap the screen to make your mascot move, but if you stay at the same point for much time or go back very much an eagle will pick you up and the game will end. Game also ends if you hit any of the obstacle. There are various mascots available. Chicken is the default Mascot given to you. Other mascots could be unlocked by the slot machine which works with the coins that you collect in the game. You may also buy the mascot from the play store with $0.99. I bet you are going to love this game as soon as you play it.

How to Download Crossy Road for PC or Laptop.

Downloading Crossy Road for PC or Laptop is very easy. You just need an android emulator for this. Bluestacks is an android emulator that i prefer. Bluestacks could be easily download.



  • Download an android emulator such as Bluestacks.
  • And android interface as you see on the screens of your mobile phones will open in front of you.
  • Now go to google play and search for Crossy Road in the search box.
  • Click on download and let it install.
  • Crossy road for PC or Laptop can now be played.

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